Please dim your lights and do not block others with your car while you enjoy the show. We also play the music on speakers near the street, so you can enjoy the show “live” in front of the house.

Also, please don’t enter the front yard….There are extension cords and wires EVERYWHERE, most cannot be seen clearly at night. Not to mention that high voltage to run the lights is present. For guests that visit, please enter from the sideyard (Saratoga Street) on the lighted path.

Originally our equipment was designed around the concept of switching incandescent Christmas lights to music, maybe up to 700 channels of lights.   Now we use smart led pixel technology, controlling thousands of channels of lights up to a hundred times a second.  Much of the control is done over Ethernet to dozens of smart controllers, which stream data to light strings, telling each bulb what color and brightness to be many times a second.  The sequencing tools we use allow us to make lights and music to align.  Hundred of hours of work is required for each song.

Redding Lights returns 11/24/2023!

Yes, we entertain requests.  Go to our Facebook Page and post on our wall or discussion page.  We love your feedback!