Redding lights is a computer controlled light show that uses over 760 channels of computer controlled light outlets that are synchronized to music.  This is done by linking a master computer to 95 microcomputers placed around the yard close to each light.  Almost every light you see here is custom made in my garage.  The display takes many days to set up (we try to start before Halloween, thanks to family and friends that volunteer their time), but even before the setup, it takes hours of building frames, parts, wrapping lights, and building microcomputer controllers beginning as early as March each year.

In addition, my wife spends 100’s of hours creating the light show for each music selection.  Each of the 760 channels must be synchronized to the music, and using special software, she must draw each ONE of the 760 lights 20 times PER SECOND (how bright or dim that individual light is at each instant) for EACH SONG to achieve what you enjoy.  Our light show lasts about 30 minutes.

Lights are sync’ed to music, which we broadcast on low power FM stereo 92.3MHZ, so you can listen in the comfort of your car, rain or cold.  

NEXT YEAR (2015)- What are your plans? 

Who knows?  Actually, we already have new plans.  But they are secret!  We try to release new elements every year to make it more exciting!


Yes, we entertain requests.  Go to our facebook page and post on our wall or discussion page.  We love your feedback!